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Our Philosophy

We are a bi-communal group of Cypriots and non-Cypriots who support the Cypriot identity and enjoy Cypriot culture.

We are aware of the unfortunate effect of world politics on our Island, in particular the forthcoming Election in the North of Cyprus.

The good news is tremendous progress has been achieved in respect of bi-communal relations through activities such as music concerts, marches, protests and informal social gatherings all across the island of Cyprus. The bad news is there is almost no knowledge of these outside of the Island.


We are a democratically run group, and anyone is welcome to join and contribute.


Who's Involved- Campaign Headquarters


We are BASED in the UK and will be staging various events, starting with dinner on 8th March 7:30pm at Daphne restaurant, 83 Bayham street Camden NW1 0AG. London

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  • Andreas (CHAIR)
  • Dorothy (LEGAL ADVISOR)
  • Andrew (CAMPAIGNS)
  • James (Secretary to CHAIR, Webmaster & IT)







Aims & Objectives


We aim to draw the awareness of the people of the EU and of the USA to the fact that there are many people in Cyprus that wish to live in one country with one main cultural identity which is CYPRIOT! This identity already exists. If anybody wishes to find out more about this please email us but visiting the Contact page.




We acknowledge that alongside this identity there are Orthodox Christians, Muslims, Atheists and people of all religious persuasions and philosophies, as is normal in any democracy. We encourage cultural political and religious tolerance and mutual respect. As such we hope to work with Cypriots of all ethnicities, faith groups and members of the artistic communities.





You can donate money to the cause.

These donations will go towards administrative costs such as running this website, promotional materials, concert promotion and any costs involved with organising and running the events that we put on.



Donations For Us

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If you would like to donate to our cause, please click the button below!