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The European Union

Cyprus is an EU member state and as such the citizens of the republic have many rights protected by EU law.

We wish to see these rights applied to the whole of the island so that all Cypriots can enjoy the benefits of EU membership.

Once unification of the Island is accomplished, we can achieve legal, human and property rights (to remove the need for litigation re the property of displaced persons) as well as a Society that is democratic and fair to all Cypriots.

The Geneva Convention

We wish to draw attention to the fact that Turkey are in breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention, as they have transferred large numbers of their own Nationals into Northern Cyprus.


The forthcoming election in the north of Cyprus where more than 50% of the electorates are mainland Turks will serve to severely undermine democratic rights of Cypriots living in the north. This "mass political settlement" is in breach of Article 49 para. 6 of the fourth Geneva convention, as large numbers of mainlanders have been transferred to north Cyprus resulting in "creeping annexation/conolisation".


We don’t understand how such a breech can be allowed to continue. Particularly in view of the fact that mainland Turks living in north Cyprus will be able to vote in the forthcoming election. Increasingly they outnumber the Turkish Cypriots and therefore it has been predicted that Mr Talat is likely to be toppled by the separatist leader Mr Eroglu.

The United Nations

It is important to urge the United Nations to consider adopting a resolution with regard to this breach and in regard to the questionable legality of the forthcoming election and that they take steps to place this matter on the agenda of the current negotiations.

In The Mean Time...

In the interim until a settlement is achieved, we would favour a removal of the voting rights of Turkish nationals transferred to northern Cyprus in breech of the Geneva Convention. And granting of voting rights in the election in Cyprus to displaced persons of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot origins in their place of birth, and to grant them the ‘right to return’.

All of these things were achieved in the former Yugoslavia and seems to be the correct course of action in order to provide a fair and equitable interim measure.



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